Volvo is recalling 20,000 truck for faulty steering

24 Mar 2016, 01:29 ( 24 Mar, 2016) | updated: 24 Mar 2016, 01:40 ( 24 Mar, 2016)

A Volvo logo is seen through trees at a dealer's shop in Beijing March 21, 2013.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT )said on Wednesday that defective Volvo trucks that were yet to be repaired under the company's safety recall should be immediately taken out-of-service.

Volvo is recalling nearly 20,000 trucks due to a defect with the steering. The recall affects 2016-2017 VNL, VNX and VNM trucks.

Some of the affected trucks may be missing a roll pin that can disconnect the lower steering shaft from the junction block, the DoT said in a statement.

Also, the bolt connecting the upper steering shaft to the lower steering shaft may not have been properly tightened.

Both conditions can lead to the separation of the steering shaft, resulting in a complete loss of steering, it said.

"Today's announced declaration is not intended to provide a basis for further enforcement action, but seeks only the immediate cessation of the unrepaired, unsafe trucks," the DoT said.