Uber hack flap is adding to its already daunting list of lawsuits -- here's a rundown

BYAnita Balakrishnan
Published 3:42 PM ET Sun, 18 June 2017
Getty Images

Uber keeps adding to a growing list of lawsuits, with recent filings over the ride-hailing company's undisclosed 2016 hack — a trend that continues to plague the company's cultural reversal.

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has made clear and sweeping changes since being tapped for the position in August to rid the company of scandal tied to founder Travis Kalanick.

The company has made efforts to improve working conditions for drivers and has played nice with city officials who wanted to ban the service from operating in London. Japanese investment giant Softbank is eyeing a $48 billion stake in the company, and Khosrowshahi has hinted at an IPO as early as 2019.

While most of the pending litigation facing Uber is carried over from its former CEO, a laundry list of suits could stand as a hurdle to the company's financial and cultural turnaround.

Here are seven of the biggest legal threats ahead for the company, updated from our previous list that ran in June.