Daily News’ Universal resort trip winners are having a blast

BYEdgar Sandoval
Updated: Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 8:42 PM
From left, Adolfo Fernandez, 40, Skyline Rodriguez, 14, Jacob Robinson, 13, Jordan Hidalgo, 13, ride The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Orlando Resort on Wednesday. The class won a Daily News contest.

Don't let the magic end!

That was the message Wednesday from a group of East Village eighth graders who spent their last hours of a three-day adventure fighting Dementors with Harry Potter at Universal's Island of Adventure thanks to the Daily News' “Win a Universal Orlando Class Trip” contest.

"I don't want to go home! I love it in here!" said Aidan Washington, 14, of his non-stop fun at the Orlando resort. "I don't want the magic to end. I would love to live here."

The more than 20 teens also got a behind-the-scenes look at The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man attraction.

Students learn about roller coaster physics at Universal Orlando

The group tapped into their spider-sense when a tour guide explained that each ride car weighs 7.5 tons and costs more than $2 million.

"If anyone asks you if you ever been in a million-dollar car, say yes, in Spider-Man's!" said the tour guide.

Students, teachers and parents all enjoyed the water rides at Universal Orlando Resort — made possible due to their victory in a Daily News contest.

(Octavian Cantilli/UNIVERSAL ORLANDO)

Victor Trejo and pal Yumeno Shimoda, both 14, walked out of the thrilling ride recalling how Spider-Man saved them from a slew of 3D villains.

"I liked how we were falling down a building and Spider-Man caught us with his web," Shimoda said. "It was scary, but amazing."

Magic thrills for student winners of Daily News contest

The class worked together last spring to collect the most bar codes from the spines of print editions of New York's Hometown Paper. They recalled their good fortune when they won the free trip organized by The News' circulation sales and marketing department.

Jayden Vasquez, 14, said he wanted to hit as many rides as possible in the resort's six different islands.

"I want to go on all the rides, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, King Kong and all the others," he said.

Teachers and parents soaked in the fun by joining the teens on rides like Jurassic Park River Adventure. The crowd screamed when their boat sped through waterfalls and past hungry velociraptors.

E. Village students win The News’ Universal Orlando contest trip

From left, Jaden Mane, 14, Jayden Vasquez, 14, Lorenz H. Pena, 14, Aidan Washington, 14, and Elena Salazar, 14, cheer their Butterbeer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. Don’t worry, it’s not real beer!

(Octavian Cantilli/UNIVERSAL ORLANDO)

"You're riding and all of the sudden there is a huge drop. I was nervous before riding it. Once I was there, it wasn't so bad," said science teacher Madeline Rodriguez, 35. "It was a blast. I might use some of the theme park science for a lecture next year."

For Jaden Mane, 14, ending his trip at The Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction felt like a mystical experience. He followed the boy wizard through a dark forest evading all kinds of dragons and monsters.

"I like all the little details. I love Harry Potter. I feel like I'm in the movie," he said. "It's really magical being here."

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