US President Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon has left his post

19 Aug 2017, 00:12 ( 19 Aug, 2017)

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chief strategist Steve Bannon

The White House's chief strategist will soon leave the Trump administration, with the president telling aides on Friday that he would remove Steve Bannon at an unspecified future date. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve's last day,' a statement from press secretary Sarah Sanders read on Friday. 'We are grateful for his service and wish him the best.' 

Mr Bannon, a right-wing nationalist and former head of, was seen as having shaped Mr Trump's election campaign.But he had competed for influence in the West Wing with rival advisers and the Trump family, according to US media. Bannon submitted an offer of his resignation on August 7, but would not say whether Trump ad accepted it at that time.But after that the former Trump campaign CEO who was once executive chairman of Breitbart News took down his guard and gave an interview to a liberal magazine in which he contradicted the president's position on North Korea and trashed his more moderate colleagues for their views on an 'economic war' with China.And he tried gamely to frame that interview as a win for the president, claiming the resulting furor drew attention away from Trump's widely panned responses to the weekend's racial violence in Charlottesville Virginia. Bannon is famously reclusive with his communications, eschewing social media and speaking only to a handful of reporters on a regular basis. In 'Devil's Bargain,' a book by Joshua Green published last month, Bannon is painted as the mastermind behind Trump's ascendancy.

Bannon was a far-right outlier in the Trump campaign, helping the president coalesce his messaging around what he called 'economic nationalism.'That platform, a combination of focusing on growing jobs and refocusing global trade in America's favor, won him broad support in America's heartland.It's unclear where Bannon will go from the West Wing.A senior executive at Breitbart News did not immediately respond to a question on Friday about whether its longtime chairman would return.The online news outlet Axios reported Friday morning that Bannon was setting himself up to be a martyr, a White House nationalist hero forced out by 'globalists.'