Iraqi soldier dubbed 'the Lion of Mosul' goes undercover to infiltrate ISIS then shoots six of the fanatics dead in daring operation

15 Jul 2017, 23:39 ( 11 Months ago)

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Mosul officially liberated from ISIS this week, leading to celebrations on the streets

An Iraqi soldier has been dubbed the 'Lion of Mosul' after volunteering to sneak behind enemy lines on a daring mission. Mohammed Qasim, 25, infiltrated the enemy by donning a smock and scarf and carrying an AK-47, before identifying key machine gun and sniper nests.He then shot six ISIS fighters dead and returned to his commanders, who promptly shelled the positions before overwhelming the jihadis in an infantry attack. Mohammed’s brave actions came in the closing days of the battle for Mosul while fighting with the SAS-trained Gold Divison of the Iraqi Special Forces, the Daily Mirror reported.

The Iraqi advance into Mosul's Old City had been halted after they came under fire from ISIS, but could not figure out where from. In total, it took more than four months to drive the fanatics from their hideouts there in a battle that reduced most of the district to rubble, causing an estimated $1billion worth of damage. More than 2,000 ISIS fighters were killed in the fighting, while 1,000 Iraqi soldiers are reported to have died. Amnesty International has called for an investigation into the deaths, blaming coalition commanders for using excessively destructive weapons. But British commander Major General Rupert Jones blasted the report, saying the authors failed to contact Iraqi forces or ask what their process for carrying out strikes was. Troops are now clearing the last ISIS fighters from positions where they remain in the Old City, as well as moving operations on to surrounding towns where the terror group still has a presence, such as Tal Afar.