Dame Helen Mirren was honored for an illustrious career that may still have a long way to go.

Dame Helen Mirren will not grow old gracefully.

The 72-year-old Oscar winner tells us that going gentle into that good night is not part of her game plan.

“I don't really like the word ‘gracefully,’” she told us at the AARP 17th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards in L.A. “There is something sort of weird about that. I mean, I want to rage into the night. I do not want to go gracefully at all.”

The fact she was being honored with the event’s Career Achievement Award didn’t mean to “The Queen” actress that her career was over.

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“I don't know, these things come along and it seems like the day before yesterday I was being given the most promising award,” she said, accompanied by her husband of 30 years, director Taylor Hackford. “You just continue on; and if work comes along you do it, and if it doesn't you don’t.”

Mirren's husband, director Taylor Hackford, was the actress' date for the award night.


Mirren said that among the things on her bucket list is a return to “The Fast And Furious” franchise as Magdalene Shaw, the villain she played in 2017 in the film’s eighth installment, alongside Vin Diesel, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and Jason Statham.

“That was fun,” she said. “Tell them they have got to have me.”

She also said that having a rap battle with James Corden on “The Late Late Show” was a good time, even though she did have a hand in her hip hop debut.

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“It was fun. They help you,” she said. “They are just fantastic great writers and you cannot go wrong.”

One thing she's unlikely to do is play the Queen of England again, even though that role earned her an Academy Award in 2007.

“No,” she said about that role. “I want to go forward, not backwards.”

The AARP’s Movie for Grownups Awards will be broadcast on Feb. 23 at 9 p.m. on PBS.

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