How many Beyonces' are there in the world?

08 Jan 2017, 02:54 ( 08 Jan, 2017) | updated: 08 Jan 2017, 02:58 ( 08 Jan, 2017)

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Beyonce is not only the one. She has more copies!

Travel lovers, listen carefully. If you travel Canada, you must visit the Canadian museum, most if you know why. Those who don't know, I like to inform you, you can see the celebrities and renowned public figures there who are alive or dead. Wax figures. 

If you know anything about Beyoncé, you know her fans are some of the most ride or die people on the planet. So when this Tweet surfaced, showing a less than perfect Bey wax figure in a Canadian museum, the hive went off.

But when some one go through wax museums and by naming the guest to identify who is this celebrity? Don't Worry. This is not any unknown one, she is Beyonce! Let's check around the photos of her:

Beyonce #1



Haley: Yall... I went to a wax museum in Canada and they thought this was Beyoncé. I'm hurt

Beyonce #2



Julia: @Winklahh I was thinking the same, when I went to one in Cali

Beyonce # 3



Loan: @eleveurdelamas: @Winklahh same in Amsterdam omg 

Beyonce # 4



Abri @LoveAbri: @Winklahh @Bey_Legion oooh and I thought the wax museum I went to was a little off 

Beyonce # 5



CommonMurcianHipster @HuertanoHipster: @Winklahh @JoniPod the one in Madrid's Wax Museum is not much better

Beyonce # 6



Who's Wurry @HiveIvy: @Winklahh @Bey_Legion the one I went to

Beyonce # 7



JONCÉ @JONMENDZ: @Winklahh @Bey_Legion why does this Beyoncé look like a burnt Farrah Fawcett?

Source: elle